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As all learners in South Africa from Grade R-9 are of compulsory school-going age, parents should consider registering their child/ren with the relevant Provincial Education department here.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding homeschooling your child with Mindscape in 2024.

Mindscape is a registered Distance Education Provider, details of such can be found at www.sacai.org.za/institutions

Upon registration with Mindscape, you will be emailed a document to complete and return, which will then allow us to share a termly assessment folder with either yourself or a person whom you have nominated on your behalf. This individual will be responsible for administering the learner’s assessment tasks each term and takes responsibility for submitting the assessment marks to Mindscape by the dates communicated to you during the course of the year. Reports are issued termly.

We make use of an electronic assessment portal https://learn.mindscapeeducation.co.za/ to facilitate the delivery of assessment material and tests/examination papers. Examination requirements differ from phase to phase but briefly, Grades 4-6 may write exams and tests at home under the supervision of their parents. Grades 7-9 may write at home under the supervision of a neighbour or family friend. It is compulsory for Grades 10-12 to write at approved Mindscape Education Subject Based Assessment Venues, a list of which can be found here www.mindscapeeducation.co.za.

All marking of tasks and assessments from Grade R-9 is done by the parent or tutor, by making use of a memorandum or rubric, which is also shared electronically via the learn.mindscape portal. The parent, who is ultimately responsible for the child’s tuition, needs to keep all work completed by the learner in a Portfolio of Evidence as files are called in for moderation twice a year. Grade 10-12 assessments, but not exams, may be marked at home by a parent or tutor. Exams need to be couriered to Mindscape offices for marking twice a year.

The purchase of Teacher’s Guides is strongly recommended. These are quoted separately; prices can be requested from codi@mindscapeeducation.co.za

Should you have any queries or questions regarding homeschooling please email Claire@mindscapeeducation.co.za

Term 1 Registrations are CLOSING soon!

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